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Why Use Two Way Radios

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Why Use Two Way Radios: The 101 of Radios

So why use two way radios? They can empower an entire organization, helping your employees work better together and enhancing workplace safety. If your employees are primarily located on-site, portable two-way radios can provide the right solution to help them to stay connected and safe, strengthen security, and boost efficiency. Additionally, since they cost less than cell phones or extra people, investing in radios can actually save you money. A few examples of industries that enjoy benefits from portable two way radios include:

Use Cases For Different Verticals

Manufacturing From line workers to maintenance and security, two-way radios make it easy for staff to work as a single, unified team while increasing productivity and worker safety.

Warehousing & Logistics Two-way radios make it easier to deliver goods safely and efficiently while increasing customer service with accurate, real-time information.

Education Give staff and faculty constant access to critical information and enhance safety and efficiency in your schools with portable two-way radios.

Retail & Hospitality Communicate discreetly with two-way radios to seamlessly coordinate your entire service staff and deliver enhanced customer service.

Types of Two Way Radios

Portable Radios Portable (handheld) - The most common two way radio also called walkie-talkie It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. They normally come in 1 watts (CLS1413/CLP radios) 2 watt (RMU,) 3 watt (EVX-S24) 4 watt (all VX series radios (UHF and VHF), 4 watts (full power for UHF) or 5 watts for the VHF radios watts and normally can cover a high-rise building without any additional expensive equipment to boost the signal.

Mobile Radios Mobile radio (vehicle mounted) – Commonly used in firefighting, law enforcement, EMS, taxi cabs, any type of shuttle bus or delivery vehicle. These radios are very high powered and come in 25, 50,watts. These radios are used to cover great distances

Benefits of Using Two way Radios

  • Two way radios are a popular tool to improve all work place efficiencies. With instant communications between management and employees or between security staff, response times can be lessened and profitability improved
  • Having “Group talk” ensures that needs, questions, and request are met immediately by a simple “Push to talk”. All radios hear.
  • With staff spread throughout the facility, common activities such as stock checks, cleanups, or emergency related issues tend to tie up more time than is necessary. Radios eliminate the time required for a staff to locate the appropriate staff member, allowing issues to be resolved more quickly, emergencies and safety issues handled quick
  • Equipping security staff with radios allows them to respond more quickly to accidents, disturbance, or theft
  • Grocery Retail establishments using two way radios have found that radios quickly pay for themselves in increased efficiency. This is why it is common to see a fleet of radios in use in all major retail chains

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