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Volkswagen HMT-1 Solution

Volkswagen Says HMT-1 Solution Creating Trust and Transparency with Automotive Customers   Volkswagen Master Technicians Join a Team of Techs Virtually Thanks to RealWear HMT-1 Wearable Head-mounted Rugged Computer BusinessCar and TechTarget reported...

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walkie talkie in a retail environment

  Walkie talkies enhance the customer experience Retailers are always in search for ways of increasing staff productivity while improving the overall customer experience. Over the past few years Lenbrook...

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Why Use Two Way Radios

Why Use Two Way Radios: The 101 of Radios So why use two way radios? They can empower an entire organization, helping your employees work better together and enhancing workplace...

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MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT MIGRATING FROM ANALOG TO DIGITAL TWO-WAY RADIO Two-way, push-to-talk radios have been in use for decades. They are synonymous with reliability, durability and security. Thanks to technology advances, today,...

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