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Volkswagen HMT-1 Solution

Volkswagen Says HMT-1 Solution Creating Trust and Transparency with Automotive Customers


Volkswagen Master Technicians Join a Team of Techs Virtually Thanks to RealWear HMT-1 Wearable Head-mounted Rugged Computer

BusinessCar and TechTarget reported on automotive company Volkswagen’s trial with RealWear.   Here’s what you need to know:

  • Master technicians no longer need to travel, conduct personal visits or rely on standard telediagnosis machinery with limited abilities to look under the hood.
  • Technicians feel relieved.  “It’s like having another master technician in the dealership,” and can “relieve [a customer] through a stressful time.”
  • Offsite fleet managers or remote technicians can point, touch and even use the HMT-1s to virtually highlight specific areas of the vehicle. 
  • RealWear frees Volkswagen’s onsite technician’s hands to work on the vehicles
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s remote technicians can see what the onsite technician sees.
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said the computers are “rough and ready.”
  • The HMT-1 system “blanks out the other noises” so you can hear the other technician clearly.
  • The sound quality was “clear enough for experienced technicians to remotely diagnose faults by listening to noises via the feed.”
  • The experience has created more trust and transparency.
  • Eventually, all the van centers will be outfitted with the headsets
  • The noise cancellation feature works well in a loud environment