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This business two-way radio is Bluetooth® capable. This unique palm-sized device re-defines the traditional two-way radio by including only essential elements. An embedded antenna gives it a sleek shape. Also, Bluetooth® technology gives you the freedom to move around without wires to tangle or hold you back. Ideal for healthcare providers who are constantly on the move.


Improve customer experience by letting customers call for help at the press of a button.

Our CB200 call boxes provide up to 130,000 square feet of coverage, alerting employees to customer service requests over their analog radio.

Connect with your customersCreate your own customizable message to the customer (up to 10 seconds). This message will sound upon button press, letting them know help is on the way.Empower your staffCreate a custom radio message that is sent to your staff (up to 10 seconds) indicating who is requesting assistance.Customize to your brandCustomizable graphic overlay for in-store messaging and promotion.Warranty1 year

Motorola Health MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio Solution

Create an environment that is safe and secure where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies and prevent security breaches from happening.

Rising costs; shrinking profit margins

Staff members are more productive and can respond to requests in less time.

Safety and liability concerns

Instant communication enables staff to respond quickly to injuries and incidents.

Business two-way radios make everyone more efficient so that healthcare providers can maximize limited time and resources.

Have questions? Get in touch with us at any time.

Labor-intensive jobs

Compact lightweight radios clip right on to employees belts, freeing them to care for patients and carry supplies.

High turnover in staff

Motorola business two-way radios are designed for ease of use and minimal learning curve.

Customize your accessories

Motorola business two-way radios can be customized to the exact needs of a specific work environment or job responsibility with specialized accessories.

Two-Way Radios For Healthcare


The TALKABOUT T800 allows you to share and track locations with your travel companions.

No cell service? No problem. Just download the TALKABOUT app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you’ll have the ability to locate a friend’s campsite, share your current location and send messages, all while exploring off the grid. You can also control your radio settings from the TALKABOUT app.

Skiing, hunting or at a music festival, the T800 has an IPX4 rating and a range of up to 35 miles* to keep you connected no matter where your adventures lead.

Motorola SL300

The Motorola SL300 is a digital two-way radio with Range Max Technology that features a shatterproof active view LED screen. The Motorola SL300 ultra-slim, lightweight and rugged frame fits nicely in a hand or pocket.

The Motorola SL300 has an IP54 rating for its water and dust resistance, and functions in both analog or digital modes. Its patented antenna delivers enhanced range while maintaining a slim but rugged profile.


The DLR1020 from Motorola to handle your communication needs. You can communicate across an extended range of 300,000 square feet and up to 20 floors to control your business. This radio operates in the digital 900 MHz ISM license-free band, which makes communications more private and reliable when compared to analog radios. Navigate through channels, check battery status, and customize features with user-friendly voice prompts.

Set up your radio fleet with a unique 4-digit Radio Profile ID number so you can assure private communication without interference. Computer Programming Software (CPS) lets you configure a Private Group to achieve the highest level of privacy. It also lets you personalize your channel voice prompts, channel alias names, radio name, top button, and channel number. The CPS also configures special features such as a unique Radio Profile ID, Home Channel, Mic Gain, and maximum number of channels.