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Combine the advanced features of a Wi-Fi capable radio with the reliability of PTT communications. Use Wi-Fi features like voice assistance to enhance your radio while communicating over LMR to provide optimal connectivity. 

Curve combines radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi-powered cloud connectivity, giving you the best of both worlds: simple, clear, robust voice communications and advanced features with intuitive operation. By using digital radio for voice communications, Curve can take advantage of Wi-Fi where it's most effective: leveraging data for advanced applications that help make the radio more useful and intuitive.

Curve's ergonomic design, familiar form factor and simple operations make it easy to stay in touch. Its durable construction means that the occasional drop won't necessitate a trip to the back room for a replacement. With 300 square foot range* and a variety of compatible accessories, Curve will not slow you or your team down. 

  • 10 Digital Channels  
  • Wi-Fi/LMR Capabilities 
  • Licence-free Communication LMR on 900 MHz Digital ISM Band 
  • LMR Enhanced Private Communication via FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) 
  • 4 Digit Profile ID for Non-Interference communication (10,000 choices) 
  • Extended Range with clear communication across 300,000 sq ft and up to 20 floors* 
  • 11.5 - 16 hour battery life** 
  • Rugged (MIL-STD 810C, D, E, F, G, H), IP 5X  
  • Smart Status Glow Ring  
  • Scan 
  • Priority Contacts List 
  • Top programmable button 


*Coverage depends on terrain and environmental conditions 

**LMR Only, 16 hour battery life with BT110 battery, not included in standard purchase 


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