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One Integrated Seamless Communication Solution

 One Integrated Seamless Communication Solution

The Challenge

How to elevate your guest experience with a seamless communication solution? Guests want to be looked after and feel comfortable in a safe and welcoming environment.  Exceptional service is one of the best ways to attract and retain loyal customers. Hotels, Inns, Motels and Boutiques must turn their guest into long term customers as soon as they enter their facility. But at the same time they must stay competitive on the market by reducing operational cost. 

The Solution

Guest relations

Respond to your guests quickly, keep track of inventory/supplies, check room availability and manage staff. Lenbrooks two-way radios are leaders on the market and we look forward to working with your staff in customizing a seamless communications solution that works for you. Helping you run operations smoothly to deliver the great service that keeps guests coming back.

Facility and Maintenance

Whether a mechanical issue with air conditioner or a problem at the pool, you need to connect instantly with maintenance and engineering staff.  Orders get sent to the right departments and communication remains clear throughout the property. Lenbrooks two way radios provide clear coverage across the facility, which keep your operation running smoothly.

Guest and Security

When emergencies occur, you must have a security measure in place and it must be communicated quickly and quietly across the property. By giving employees and emergency personnel the right seamless communication solution  they can guide guests to safety and provide real-time updates.


Your housekeeping staff will operate more efficiently, rooms will now be ready for guests upon check-in. In turn wait times are eliminated and managers have visibility into all operations.

With instant two-way communication, you create a team environment that improves efficiency, enhances service and encourages repeat visits. So you can run your operations smoothly and deliver great service that keeps customers coming back.  

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