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DLR Series

Motorola DLR1020 digital two-way radios operate on 2 or 6 channels with multiple call options. Each radio ships with a battery, charger, antenna, and holster. 

Designed for use in the retail, restaurant, hotel, office and assisted living industries, Motorola DLR1020 walkie talkies allow your team to communicate louder and clearer across an extended range. These licenses free and hassle-free radios are easy to deploy, and provide interference-free private communications. Ensure your conversations are heard loud and clear only by the intended audience. 

Radio weight and dimensions are calculated with the standard battery. 

  • 2 or 6 Digital Channels (Subset of 50 frequencies) 
  • License-free Communication on 900 MHz Digital ISM Band * 
  • " • Enhanced Private Communication via FHSS (Frequency 
  • Hopping Spread Spectrum)" 
  • 4 Digit Profile ID for Non-Interference communication (10,000 choices) 
  • Extended Range with clear Communicate across 300,000 sq ft and up to 20 floors ** 
  • Voice Announcement of channels, battery status, menu options, etc. 
  • Talk Permit Tone indicates when the channel is available to speak 
  • Home Channel Revert to automatically return after the end of a call on a different channel 
  • Advanced Configuration for Profile ID, Home Channel, MIC Gain and Top button operation 
  • Clone radio configuration using the multi-unit charger or cloning cable (sold separately) 
  • Wireless Cloning of Profile ID (no accessories required). 
  • CPS for custom configuration of voice prompts, channel alias, radio name, top button, etc. 

DLR Series

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