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Our Digital License Free Solution

Did you know it’s unlawful to operate radios in Canada without an ISED (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada) licence? We have licence-free solutions approved by ISED.

DLR Radio

With the Motorola DLR digital radio, your team can quickly and easily communicate to improve operational efficiencies, solve problems rapidly, address unexpected situations and improve customer satisfaction. This lightweight radio, with its sleek styling, is a simple yet powerful collaboration tool.

DTR Radio

Digital on-site communication has never been easier or more reliable. Motorola Solutions’ new DTR Series of two-way radios provide wide-area coverage, vivid color display, crisp audio performance and single-button operations, ensuring your team can communicate quickly and effectively.

EA300 Call Box

Improve the customer experience of your retail stores by connecting your customers to your floor staff, instantly. With our retail call boxes, customers can call for assistance at the push of a button, and employees are alerted to the customer service request over the radio system. Whether they are in a fitting room or browsing around the store, the customer will know help is on the way. 

DRX Range Extender

DRX range extender to expand the coverage of the Motorola DTR/DLR series digital radios.  It is the only product of its kind available for the DTR/DLR series radios and will provide up to 60% more coverage than the DTR radios alone. The DRX extender will bridge communication gaps and maximize your coverage area to keep you connected to your team.

License Free Digital Solution

If your workers are not using Motorola radios, you are wasting thousands of dollars every year.

SAVE 65,000 When 25 workers @ $15/hr. Save just 5 minutes every hour.