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What is the cost of two way radios?

What is the cost of  two way radios? man considers cost of two way radios Like almost every product on the market, the first question business owners are going to ask is usually regarding what is the cost of two way radios? The problem that lies with answering this question is that the number of options to choose from in terms of features. If you don’t know exactly what you would like; it can be hard to determine what your cost will be. Lenbrook Canada Solutions understands the wide variety of selection and we have narrowed and simplified the process. Our Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios (Walkies talkies) are market leaders. *note these are Average prices

Commercial Business Two Way Radios-$177 to $450/each

Lenbrook’s two way radios work great in businesses like hospitality, education, light construction, light manufacturing, property management, healthcare and retail settings. Offering basic communication and all features a user would require. Benefits
  • Instant and clear communication allows for quick coordination and response to emergencies.
  • Maximize efficiency … results » increases profitability
  • Help your team coordinate quickly to address customer needs or unexpected situations
  • Coverage of up to 350,000 sq.ft, 30 floors
  • Long lasting batteries- up to and over 12 hours
  • Durable material – military tested
  • Push to talk capabilities

Family Radio System(FRS) 49.99-169.99/ea

Motorola FRS radios can be sold at popular retail chains which include such as Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, etc. These radios are for recreational/ family use. T600 features and Benefits
  • Talkabout Two-way Radios deliver dependable, instant communications hands-free or at the touch of a button.
  • IP67 Waterproof. Easy-to-Retrieve Design, Floats Face Up
  • Water-activated Flashlight; 11 Weather Channels (7 NOAA) with Alert Feature
  • 22 Channels with 121 Privacy Codes

How to determine what radio is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions

  1. What are your conditions? Light, medium, or heavy industrial?
2. What is your use case? # of employees? 3.What is your budget? For more information visit lenbrookcanadasolutions or contact us at 1 800 263 4666