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Two-way Radios vs Cell Phones in the workplace

Cell Phones vs Two way Radios in the workplace

 industrial business radio used at job sites

Difference in cell phones vs two way radios

In present day 2017 almost everyone and anyone is carrying a cell phone for their means of communication through personal relationships. You would expect to see this continued in the workplace. A recent survey by Motorola comparing cell phones vs two way radios found that manufacturing plants across North America; where only 33 % of plants use cell phones; while 31 % used two way radios. Plant owners see the value in the durability, battery life, practicality, security and reliability of two way radios. There are several different performance metrics when comparing cell phones vs two way radios.


Cell phones are more than 3 times as likely to fail. Dropping the phone is generally the main cause of the phone not working. Lenbrooks two way radios are designed to withstand over a 4 foot drop. Manufacturing and industrial industries rely heavily on the fact that their working equipment is safe and durable.

Performance and purpose

Two way radio conversations typically last 15 seconds whereas cell phone conversations last up to three minutes. Cell phones do add extra capabilities however cost considered with monthly service charges added to the initial purchase cost. You be the judge of value? Battery life An obvious feature benefit when selecting your cell phone or two way radio. Lenbrook two way radios can last over 15 hours on single charge.


Two way radios allow for group communication which is common in such industries like health care, hospitality, and manufacturing. Cell phones are limited to one/one conversations. Which can be a problem if there is an emergency situation.


According to the Motorola survey conducted 85% manufacturing plants said they had coverage issues. This is huge safety concern. Two way radios eliminate reception coverage issue  leaving you always prepared for emergency situations Also two-way radios use private networks. So you can have that one to one conversation that a cell phone offers. Visit Lenbrook for more details.