CLPe Series

With rising pressure of online shopping and visitor reviews, customer experience is a top priority. Your team needs to connect instantly, respond quickly to address customer requests and provide premium service. From back-of-house to front-of-store, the CLPe Series is your stylish and essential team communication tool built to last all day, everyday.

Increase Staff Productivity
  • Stay connected to your team, from front-of-house to kitchen and waiting staff    
  • Reduce errors with clear audio in noisy


  • Simple radio operation helps new staff learn quickly      
  • Increase table turnover with immediate

communication at the push of a button  

  • Durable design protects against food and water splashes to help keep radio in service
Enhance Customer Experience
  • Earpiece reduces noise so conversations aren’t overheard by diners 
  • Engage with your customers with a polished appearance    
  • Overall positive guest experience leads to higher restaurant ratings and repeat business

Respond to Customers Request Faster

  • Reduce time guests are left unattended·      
  • Simple one button Push-To-Talk with employees      
  • Connect staff to help ensure food quality and personnel safety


Improved efficiency translates to satisfied customers

The right fit two way radio for restaurant operations

Easily tailored to meet the demands of your operations

Excellent Customer Starts With Great Communication

Two Way Radios For Restaurants


Effectively manage front door operations, instantly communicating open table status


Quickly respond to guest needs, efficiently communicating to the appropriate personnel


Stay informed of any issuesthat require attention beforethey become problems

Kitchen/Bar Staff

Notify servers when orders are ready ensuring quick delivery


Quickly coordinate the retrieval of vehicles, reducing wait time


Effortlessly and discreetly,contact a manager to diffuse apotential issue

Improve Customer Experinece

Improve the customer experience by connecting your customers to your staff instantly. Ideal for front desk or host/hostess. Call boxes speak to our DLR radio

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