VT100 Body-Worn Camera

An essential piece of equipment for commercial, corporate and airline security operations.

Its presence can help to de-escalate confrontational situations, and if a prosecution becomes necessary, its footage can provide clear evidence to protect your security team against false accusations.

Security Features

The camera is equipped with a range of security features to protect staff and preserve customer privacy.

Lightweight & Discreet

Wide range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and


Easily Integrate

·Easily integrated with your fixed security camera system, the VT100 can be configured to alert your security team and start a live video stream to the control center whenever it’s activated.

Tagging as Evidence

Footage can be tagged as evidence for future use or for training purposes. It will be retained as an ‘incident’ and all other footage will be systematically deleted as required. Incidents can be audited centrally, and securely shared.

Respond to an Incident

If the officer becomes involved in an escalated situation that cannot be quickly resolved, they warn the member of the public that they are activating their body-worn camera. Recording is activated by pressing the record button on the VT100, resulting in video and audio being immediately captured. Optionally it can trigger an alert at the security centre and stream video over Wi-Fi®.

Patrolling in remote areas means that sometimes security officers may go for as long as 30 minutes without seeing a house, person or anything. In these isolated areas, it is crucial that officers are able to stay connected with their base and dedspatch.


Security officers need a phone that is tough and rugged, and can survive constant use and drops. Above all, they also rely on a phone that lets them stay connected no matter where they are. Push-To-Talk applications can easily be used with the S42’s programmable side button, allowing guards to stay connected with despatch at all times.