Two way radio for school safety

New digital radios that is lisence free

DTR Radio

Two way radio for maintenance staff

The DTR is stylish but rugged design purpose built for maintenace workers. Keep school operations and activities running seamlessly by effectively coordinating with different staff members

DLR Radio

Two way radio for administrative staff

The DLR radio is the perfect digital radio for your school operations. With its sleek and lightweight design it allows users to easily wear the radio on their belt or in pockets, making it convenient to carry at all times

School Safety Is Priority #1

Ensure safety of stedents and staff by installing emergeny call boxes.When pushed, staff are alerted of the emergency over the radio system

Enhancing School Safety Through Better Communications

School District enhanced district-wide communications by upgrading an old analog system.


Effective commmicattion fro student transportation


Synchronize activities with staff and volunteers when attending field trips


Coordinate back end operations such as lunchroom and janitorial staff to keep schools running efficiently


Solve problems and address student needs by staying in touch with front office staff


Quickly and privately reach the nurse, front desk or the principal using direct call. 


Expedite early pick up and parent meetings by keeping direct communication with teachers.

Other Two Way Radio Solutions

The Talkabout T400 is perfect for simple communications. Take a pair of radios on your next school field trip; with a simple push of the button and up to a 35 mile range, you can enjoy outdoor activities and quickly stay connected.

The SL300 portable two way radio from Motorola is perfect for those in the education industry because of it’s slim and rugged frame, and its simple to use operation. From school classrooms to the playground and even to the bus stop, this radio provides reliable push-to-talk communications when you need it most.