The CAT® S42 H+ for

Healthcare Workers

The CAT S42 H+’s military grade body is injected with Addmaster’s Biomaster silver ions

to help fight bacteria to the ISO 22196 standard!

Designed for those who require more from their smartphone. The Cat S42 H+ blends a rugged phone with antimicrobial silver ions. This makes it the perfect choice whether you work in a hygienic conscious environment or in the harshest of conditions. The S42 H+ is the perfect companion.


PLUS Repeated bleach wipe test with 3000 cycles. Pressurized alcohol abrasion tests at 500gF/cm2 over hundreds

of cycles. Prolonged real world chemical mix exposure and susceptibility testing.

Motorola Health

MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio Solution

Create an environment that is safe and secure where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies and prevent security breaches from happening.


The CLPe Series Two-Way radios have a lightweight, stylish and palm-sized design allowing healthcare workers to discreetly and comfortably carry the CLPe with them throughout extended shifts. A sleek design is combined with essential controls to provide users with everything needed to stay connected.

CB200 Call Box

Motorola Call Boxes are a great tool for improving patient experience and are the perfect solution to save on labour costs. The CB200 communicates with CLPe Radios, providing a streamlined solution for hospital guests, patients and healthcare workers alike. All communication is done discreetly, so guests will not be disturbed.

Rising costs; shrinking profit margins

Staff members are more productive and can respond to requests in less time.

Safety and liability concerns

Instant communication enables staff to respond quickly to injuries and incidents.

Fewer doctors and nurses working longer shifts become tired and less productive

Business two-way radios make everyone more efficient so that healthcare providers can maximize limited time and resources.

Labor-intensive jobs

Compact lightweight radios clip right on to employees belts, freeing them to care for patients and carry supplies.

High turnover in staff

Motorola business two-way radios are designed for ease of use and minimal learning curve.

Customize your accessories

Motorola business two-way radios can be customized to the exact needs of a specific work environment or job responsibility with specialized accessories.

Two-Way Radios For Healthcare 

VT100 & VB400 Body-Worn Camera

An essential piece of equipment for healthcare workers.

Body-Worn Cameras help to ensure the good behavior of all parties, at the same time capturing indisputable, evidence-grade video footage of any incident.

Lightweight & Discreet

Wide range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and clothing.

Easily Integrate

Easily integrated with your fixed security camera system, the VT100 and VB400 Body-Worn Cameras can be configured to alert your security team and start a live video stream to

the control centre whenever it’s activated

Protect Staff from Client

and Visitor Aggression

Body-Worn Cameras help to ensure the good behavior of all parties, at the same time capturing indisputable, evidence-grade video footage of any incident.

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