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The need for skilled labor in heavy industry has never been more acute. Experienced technicians
with decades of institutional knowledge are reaching retirement age and in many industries there
is a shortage of younger employees. Recruitment has lagged demand for many years.

Many Industries

This situation is repeated in many other industries. Less experienced employees take longer to complete routine tasks, are less able to troubleshoot complex issues on their own and spend far more time searching for documentation and procedures. Their relative lack of experience makes them more apprehensive in potentially hazardous situations and increases stress levels.

Remote Mentor solutions based on the RealWear HMT-1 and companion software from our partners address these issues. The field worker uses the HMT-1 and can call up a remote mentor – an experienced master technician or engineer located in an office. Over Wi-Fi or via tethered 3G/4G links, live video – up to full HD – from the advanced camera on the HMT-1 is streamed to the remote expert’s desktop computer. An audio channel is also open enabling two way communication, with the field worker clearly hearing directions from the remote expert. A Remote Mentor can trigger the capture of a sharp 16 megapixel image and zoom in to examine details or read a part number or barcode.


Further the expert can annotate or telestrate the still or video image with a pen tablet, and push this back to the HMT-1’s heads-up micro-display clearly pointing out a part to remove, valve to adjust or cable to replace.  From a library of content available to the mentor, a diagram, photo or video procedure can also be pushed into the field worker’s view.


All the while the hands-free interface allows the field worker to remain on task and maintain safety

Benefits Snapshot

Increases customer responsiveness and equipment uptime by utilizing the available field force

Saves travel time and cost to move scarce experts to the job site

Maximizes productivity for the expert

Reduces errors and need for repeat visits

Upskills less experienced workers with just-in-time on-the-job mentoring

Improves the confidence of field workers, lowering stress levels and increasing safety

RealWear HMT-1 Optimizations

Totally hands-free – no need to put down tools and pick up a tablet

Advanced camera with 4 axis optical image stabilization, phase detect autofocus and low light performance for sharp 16 megapixel images and up to HD video

Telephoto lens accessory for a closer view of arm’s length work

Unprecedented battery life for up to six hours of SD video streaming upload over Wi-Fi on a single charge

Hardware support for advanced H.265 video encoding lowers the wireless bandwidth needed for high quality video

854×480 resolution display sufficient to view detailed technical documentation

91dB near ear speaker to clearly hear the remote expert in loud environments, and 3.5mm jack for use with hearing protection solutions

Advanced noise cancellation and multiple microphones to clearly hear the field worker in loud environments

Waterproof to IP-67 – use in inclement conditions / harsh environments

Third party apps from leading providers

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