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Motorola SL300

The Motorola SL300 is a digital two-way radio with Range Max Technology that features a shatterproof active view LED screen. The Motorola SL300 ultra-slim, lightweight and rugged frame fits nicely in a hand or pocket. The Motorola SL300 has an IP54 rating for its water and dust resistance, and functions in both analog or digital modes. Its patented antenna delivers enhanced range while maintaining a slim but rugged profile. Includes:
  • (1) - SL300 Mototrbo Non-Display 2 Channel Radio
  • (1) - Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) - Drop-in Charging Tray
  • (1) - 3 inch belt clip
  • (1) - Owner Manual
  • (1) - 2 Year Warranty

Motorola SL300 Features

  • Ultra-Slim Profile Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable. A stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame make the SL300 the perfect work partner. It can be easily carried in pockets and purses without snagging or bulging.
  • Simple Operation The SL300 has been designed for easy, intuitive use. The side volume control, dedicated power button, prominent push-to-talk button, and top toggle channel switch have all been designed for quick one-hand access. Channel "fast toggle" allows users to scroll through 10 channels at a time.
  • Analog/Digital Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life—but retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet. With analog and digital capability, you have the freedom to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace.
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode Utilize the power of the 2-slot TDMA DMR standard to double the capacity of your 12.5 kHz channel—without the need for a repeater.
  • Rugged and Reliable The SL300 is built to last. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance, it can be used even in harsh environments. This radio can survive many drops and tumbles. It has also been proven tough in Motorola's grueling Accelerated Life Test, where the radio is tested against a simulated 5 years of hard service before it is accepted.
  • Range Max Receiver An advanced radio design and patented antenna that delivers enhanced range while maintaining a slim profile and long battery life.
  • Active View Display (Optional) Shatterproof Active View display uses hidden LED lighting to communicate channel, radio, and volume information crisply in both daytime and nighttime situations.
  • Transmit Interrupt Capability Enables a supervisor to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it's needed.
  • Voice Announcement Audible prompts confirm operations on your radio, allowing you to keep your eyes on the job.
  • MicroUSB Connectivity Efficient charging and easy programming.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Portfolio Innovative carry options, earpieces and charging stations allow you to get maximum efficiency from your SL300.

Motorola SL300

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