• Used in conjunction with DockController and 14-Port Dock (required)
  • Provides fast and efficient assignment of cameras to users
  • Works with most existing RFID Cards
  • RFID cards or stickers are also available

How the RFID Reader Works

  1. Request a VT-100
  • User simply swipes their personal RFID card across the RFID reader to initiate a request for a VT-100.
  1. Identify the VT-100
  • VideoManager automatically assigns a VT-100 to the user and the assigned camera illuminates a solid red LED to identify itself.
  1. Track the User
  • VideoManager tracks which user is using which VT-100. Each VT-100 is associated with a user until its return.
  1. Return the VT-100
  • The user docks their VT-100. Video footage is uploaded and tagged with the user’s ID. The camera is de-allocated and its battery is charged.






Technical Specs

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