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Subheading: The Illuvia is the only technology scientifically tested on SARS-CoV-2 aerosols and is clinically proven to eliminate 100% of airborne COVID-19 on a single pass.

The Illuvia is an intraoperative air decontamination system that continually runs to remove viruses and bacteria in the air using UVC technology to eliminate pathogens by slowing down their travel time and moves the remaining particles to a HEPA filter. This provides an area free of contaminants that reduces the possibility of infection.

Product Features: 

  • Infection reduction
  • Bacteria level reduction
  • Airborne Particle Reduction
  • Smoke Evacuation and Heater-Cooler Emissions
  • Aerobiology and Airborne Contamination
  • Coverage up to 3,000 sq ft.
  • Combines the best of HEPA and UV-C Air Treatment
  • Standard 1 year warranty with extended warranties available to purchase to cover up to 5 years


Increases patient safety – reduces the risk of infection, increases safety measures, and lessens the chance of readmission.

Protection of staff – less exposure to airborne bacteria, secondary method to reduce bovie plume, and reduces odours and VOCs.

Minimal maintenance – change cartridge, clean exterior surfaces with approved wipes, standard annual maintenance complete by Aerobiotix.

Ease of use – runs continuously during surgery, mobile to fit best in your environment, easy access to change cartridge daily, easy cartridge disposal.

Utility – Unit is recirculatory – air volume going in equals air going out so will not interfere with the ventilation system, does not block wall ducts or air intakes.


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