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The Realwear HMT-1 is the world’s first wearable built for visionary pragmatists.  Our solution is for enterprise whos looking to drive operational efficiency, reduce errors and downtime, and increase the safety of their employees. The HMT- 1 designed for skilled technicians and engineers in field service, equipment inspection, maintenance and complex manufacturing assembly.

  • Voice-controlled
  • Rugged
  • Hand-free
  • Purpose-built for industry

Breakthrough human factors design

The display does not interfere with the worker’s front facing direct line of sight to the scene, and can be flipped up to achieve zero occlusion whenever it’s not needed. The boom arm’s adjustability accommodates any head size and eye relief need. The entire unit can be rotated to work with left eye dominant users. It’s comfortable enough to wear for an entire eight hour shift.

The unit can be worn directly on the head or clipped to an approved hard hat and works with eyeglasses, safety glasses and safety goggles.

A rugged hands-free head mounted tablet

The HMT-1 micro-display is adjustable and emulates a mini-tablet screen. Featuring advanced noise cancellation and voice recognition, workers can navigate applications and enter text and numbers just by speaking in a normal voice. Our voice recognition delivers 95% accuracy in up to 100 dB of ambient industrial noise. You hear spoken acknowledgement and tones immediately indicating successful recognition. Documents and larger screens can be panned by moving your head.

RealWear’s HMT-1 for the Industrial Workforce



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