Data Visualization

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as Industry 4.0, is a response to two core challenges: equipment downtime and industrial worker productivity. IIoT represents operational plant control technology securely networked together with information technology, sensors and machines to aggregate real time and time-series data. Big data analytics can provide actionable insights that improve manufacturing and process efficiency and predict high risk of downtime before it occurs, enabling preventative maintenance.

Cisco estimates that the impact of IIoT due to improved employee productivity alone is $2.5 trillion (NPV of net profit impact) worldwide over the period 2013-2022. Much of this is based on the vision of industrial workers using mobile devices to access data and analytics out in the plant or in the field, right where their work is to be done, rather than back in the central control room. However in order to realize this potential several challenges must be overcome.


IIOT Data Visualization Challenges

Industrial workers often need to see IIoT data when they are operating, inspecting or maintaining equipment,

and their hands are occupied. Smart phones and tablets require the use of both hands

Existing smart glasses have a limited display resolution, so cannot display much
information at once

IIoT data for complex plant or equipment is often stored hierarchically, as there
may be thousands of individual data streams available. Navigating such data
can be unwieldy on mobile devices.

Oil and gas, chemical and mining industries require intrinsically safe devices
certified to be incapable of causing sparks or fires

RealWear HMT-1 Solutions

Larger, 854×480 display resolution permits multiple readings or graphs to be displayed simultaneously, in numeric or graphical form

Dashboards that represent a personal control room can be built within industrial IoT frameworks or Android apps, or even more simply with HTML-5

Hands-free, voice driven user interface suitable for noisy environments, lets workers drill down through the information hierarchy with ease and enhanced safety, even if they are operating or manipulating tools or equipment

Intrinsically Safe model (FM C1/D1 / ATEX Zone 1) available for those industries that require it

Screen visible in bright sunlight

12+ hour battery life for full shift operation

Fully rugged device designed for heavy industrial environments

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