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    The posted range is based on ‘line of sight’. The radio will not perform to its optimal level when there is interference, which could be caused by structures such as buildings, walls, and floors.
    For Business Radios: Are the batteries fully charged/ How old are they? Battery life rated? 90-5-5= 90% time in standby, 5 % receiving and 5% transmitting
    YES all FRS/GMRS communicate. Business Radio: Depends on frequency
    No. FRS radios have 2.5mm headset jack, while the CLS series headset jack is double-pronged.
    Only for FRS. Not For Business Radios
    Licensing is a permission by Industry Canada to use the pre-approved frequencies for business radios.
    License Agreement included with packaging
    All business radios except for the Motorola DTR and DLR series require licensing permission. FRS licenses are free
    Obtaining a license for your business radio costs $41 per year, per radio.
    If you are a registered dealer or reseller, please login to the online portal to create a shopping cart order form. For recreational Two-Way radios, please visit one of our retail partners.